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Historic Courtland, Alabama, part II

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

yard ornament porter statue
Classic Porter Statue

As stated earlier, in the years around 1816 – 1820, settlers moved into what is now Lawrence County, Alabama from Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas. Some settlers formed a small town about 20 miles west of what is now Decatur, Alabama and named it Courtland.

The Courtland area was home of one of the earliest railroads in the south. Even before locomotives were invented, railroad cars were pulled by horses here in the Courtland area.

The early planners of Courtland hoped that it would one day become the county seat of Lawrence county. That did not happen. From around 1880 until 1910 it was the most populous town in Lawrence County, but after 1910 that honor went to Moulton, the actual county seat.

The population of Courtland has wavered between 400 and 700 for most of its history. In the 2020 census that population was 593.

The old Courtland Cemetery is worthy of its own story - to come later.


historic sign regarding early settlers
Historic marker regarding early settlers

One of many Historic Markers in Courtland

old church
The old Presbyterian Church in Courtland

historic marker Presbyterian church
Historic marker for the Presbyterian Church

and old horse mounting stone
One of at least four old horse mounting stones in Courtland.

These mounting stones were set near the side of the street to help ladies and the elderly mount their horses.

beautiful old home and yard
A beautiful old home from the early 20th century

historic marker about earl roads near Courtland
Historic marker regarding early roads in the Courtland area

Tennessee Street along the north side of the square was originally part of Gaines' Trace, a horse path laid out in 1807 under the direction of Captain Edmund Pendleton Gaines of the U.S. Army.

an tall old sidewalk clock
Beautiful old sidewalk clock

I wish I knew more of the history of this clock. Guess that's an item on my to-do list.

old sign painted on an old brick wall
Old painted sign for a local drug store

I wonder when this sign was painted...

historic marker about old railroads
Courtland was home to one of the oldest railroads in the south

Here you can read about the old railroad laid out in the 1830's that ran through Courtland. As a point of reference the Tennessee and Alabama Railroad that ran from Columbia, Tennessee to Decatur, Alabama was build in the 1850's, twenty years later.

old building with old fire escape
One of many old buildings in Courtland

birdhouses and an old telephone
Outside a Courtland antique store

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My mother in law lives in Courtland. It is a beautiful little town. Some of the homes there are amazing. Great articles. DeAnna Williams

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