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Miscellaneous Americana - part III

Updated: Jun 22

More of seeing Americana in miscellaneous things around the Southeast

an old basket in a barn
An old corn basket or potato basket

Last summer I photographed a local old barn. It was build around the 1950's or so. There were plenty of items still in the barn that reflected its use - items like mule harnesses, a corn basket, a calf bottle holder, and metal parts to repair - whatever.


antique Ford pickup truck
An old red Ford truck

While out on a photo trip I stopped for gas in Muscle Shoals, Alabama in the summer of 2023. This old 1966 Ford truck was stopped there on its way to a car show in Florence.


a beautiful courthouse
Giles County, Tennessee courthouse

Pulaski, Tennessee is a beautiful city with a rich history and culture. The Giles County courthouse is there. It is pretty on the inside and pretty on the outside.

rotunda inside a building
Courthouse rotunda

old money safe
Old safe in the Giles County courthouse

Many years ago this safe was actually used to secure much of Giles County's money. It remains in the courthouse today in the judge's clerk's office. Notice that it does say "Hall's Patent 1849".

antique typewriter
Old typewriter inside Giles county courthouse

In the same office as the old safe is this antique typewriter. It is very cool and very Americana!


team fires a civil war cannon
Firing a Civil War cannon - Shiloh battlefield

Shiloh National Military Park is the site of one of the largest battles in the Civil War. It is a beautiful place and full of history.

This cannon demonstration took place on Memorial Day weekend of 2022.

I was once there talking to a man from Mississippi about the reverence and meaning of the place. A couple of statements summed it up.

"It is a beautiful place but a sad place. Every American within driving distance should visit Shiloh."

It is very Americana.


Two old Indian statues in a big field
Old Indian statues in a field in Mississippi

These statues are in a field in northeast Mississippi, not sure if it is Tishomingo county or Alcorn county. It is interesting. Apparently many years ago there was a lodge/resort place up on the hill behind the field and the Indians were part of the welcome sign. Now they are two Indian statues standing in a big field.


four mules hitched to a wagon
Team of mules in the Mule Day parade in Columbia, Tennessee

Mule Day is a big event and celebration in Columbia, Tennessee every year in early April. In 2024 the multi-day event will take place on April 4 through April 7, with the big parade happening in Columbia on April 6th.

girl clown riding a clown mule
A pretty clown and her mule in hte Mule Day parade

Columbia has been having some form of Mule Day since 1840. It started as a livestock show on the first Monday in April and has since grown into a week-long event that happens every year around the first week of April. It is estimated that during the week Columbia sees around 200,000 visitors and the financial impact of Mule Day is over 10 million dollars.

two mules and a wagon
Pretty team of mules and wagon

However, the financial impact and the long history is not what makes Mule Day fun. The southern city is filled with good-ole county people from all over the country - especially the Southeast and Midwest. The Saturday parade is a huge event.

pretty lady and pony in a parade
The Forest Fairy walked in the parade at Mule Day - Columbia, TN

It is very family oriented and meant to reflect the culture of American farms and ranches. As such it is very Americana.

The events include lots of competitions, races, and shows. Many locals still refer to the event as the "mule pull" because of the popularity of the pulling contests where teams of mules compete in pulling heavy loads.


statue of two dogs reading Tom Sawyer book
Dogs reading Tom Sawyer in Pulaskit, TN

As stated earlier, Pulaski, TN is a pretty town with lots of culture and history. The statue of the dogs reading the book is at the Giles County Library. The pretty fireplace photo below is inside the Yellow Deli in Pulaski.

pretty fireplace mantle in restaurant
At the Yellow Deli in Pulaski, TN


sleeping gnome figurine
ssshhhhh.. Gnome sleeping - Belle Mina, AL

The old town of Belle Mina in Limestone county, Alabama was once a busy growing community. Now it is a small quiet place not far off US highways I-65 and I-565. But it is still a pretty town and very Americana.

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Ronny Whitaker
Ronny Whitaker
Mar 05

Have been to Mule Day many, many times, even saw Gobber Lindsey as the Grand Marshal one year. Thank you for maintaining this site

Mar 11
Replying to

Thanks for the comment Ronny!



Feb 11


Beautiful pictures and thoughtful stories. We still have much of this Americana in each of us, even if we are shy to put it on display :-)

Thank you,

Feb 11
Replying to

Sincere thanks Harvey. You are a good friend !



Feb 11

Rocky, we really love your beautiful photos and your wonderful information. We hope you keep this going!

Feb 11
Replying to

Thank you very much !!

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