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Nature's Beauty and Americana

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Americana is Often Reflected in Nature's Beauty

While millions of Americans associate the Bald Eagle with America, many - if not most - of those Americans have never seen a Bald Eagle living in the wild. For many people, seeing a Bald Eagle is one of those things where the head and heart don't connect. When the head tells us that there are lots of Bald Eagles in the wild and that it is but one of millions of pretty wild birds, the heart reacts differently to a Bald Eagle flying by, or perching in nearby tree. That is an exciting event.

Does nature's beauty reflect America and Americana in other ways?

Bald Eagle in a pine tree
Bald Eagle in a pine tree in Jackson County, Alabama

pretty Bald eagle posed in profile
This bald eagle seems to be posing for a portrait

This image speaks of confidence and strength combined with nobility and majestic beauty. No wonder so many of our Founding Fathers wanted this to be our National Bird. This photo was taken in a small community called Langston in Jackson County, Alabama.

a group of Wild Turkeys
Wild Turkeys running around in November

But at least one of out Founding Fathers did not want the Bale Eagle as the National Bird. Benjamin Franklin wanted the Wild Turkey to be the National Brid of our country. And what American is not reminded of Thanksgiving and those stories of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving feast when the Wild Turkey is mentioned.

I happened to see this group of turkeys along a busy roadside in Colbert County, Alabama a few years ago about two weeks before that year's Thanksgiving. And in fact turkeys are still seen regularly in that location.

Black-eyed Susan wildflowers
Wildflowers add to America's natural beauty

And while wildflowers are not traditionally thought of as "Americana" all will agree that they make America a prettier place.

Bald eagle flying and  carrying a fish
Mom eagle taking food to the nest

This eagle is one of a pair that has been nesting in Limestone County, Alabama since 2007.

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