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Christmas Wishes from Picture Americana

Here's wishing you peace and love and good health this special time of the year.

pretty building in Christmas lights
Founder's Hall - Athens State University

Christmas is a time for children - and we are all children.

stockings hanging on a fireplace
Stockings all hung by the chimney with care

Christmas is a time for pretty songs.

figurines singing
Pretty things and pretty songs

Wishing you bright colors and sparkles.

ornaments on a large Christmas tree
Ornaments on the tree

Chritmas is a time for sweet stories spoken softly.

lighted reindeer
Christmas time at the Limestone County courthouse

Wishing you laughter and good cheer.

Christmas toys on a coffee table
Wishing you warm days and starry nights

Christmas is a time for giving.

toy sleight with packages inside
A toy sleigh with gifts

Christmas is a time for beauty.

a line of Christmas trees
Christmas trees at the park in Athens, Alabama

Wishing you joy, and hope, and the comfort of God's love.

a church and Christmas decorations
Christmas time in America

Picture Americana wishes you and your family and friends - all the best this Christmas season and the coming New Year. I hope you will love freely and receive warm love - everywhere you go - and when a long day ends you will feel at peace and look forward to tomorrow.

a Christmas tree at night
Christmas tree - 2023

Merry Christmas!

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4 comentarii

19 dec. 2023

Amazing work my friend. Love the Christmas Spirit!

20 dec. 2023
Răspunde utilizatorului

Thanks. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


19 dec. 2023

Very nice, and Merry Christmas to you.

20 dec. 2023
Răspunde utilizatorului

Thank you - and Merry Christmas again!

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