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Miscellaneous Americana

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Seeing Americana in miscellaneous things around the Southeast

Large metal chicken yard ornament
Yea they have some big chickens there in Giles County, Tennessee.

This chicken is along Hwy 166 south of Pulaski.

an old antique shop with items hanging outside
An old antique store in Giles County along Hwy 166

Northwest of Pulaski and south of Mount Pleasant, Tennessee.

a pretty tree in bloom outside an old red building
The old train depot in Belle Mina, Alabama

Part of the old train depot in Belle Mina, Alabama.

country store with an odd name
A country store with an odd name - Beer, Bologna, and More

This is along Hwy 64 east of Fayetteville, Tennessee.

two pretty mules and a wagon
In Columbia, Tennessee at the annual Mule Day festival.

Mule Day started as a one day event more than a hundred years ago and is now a four days celebration of the mule - an American farm animal with a long history of being a faithful servant. If you are interested Mule Day is always held around the first of April.

An antique truck at a gun store
An old Dodge truck at a gun shop in Lewisburg, Tennessee

Lewisburg, Tennessee is an interesting town.

a covered bridge with vines growing on it
This is a restored covered bridge along a walking trail in Limestone County, Alabama

This is a restored covered bridge along the Richard Martin walking trail, also known as the Rails to Trails walking trail. For over a hundred years the trail was a busy railroad track running from parts of Tennessee down through Limestone County to Decatur, Alabama. The foundation/rockwork that you see here was part of the original railroad and was made in the 1850's, a few years before the Civil War. After the railroad closed the railbed was donated to the Limestone County Parks and Recreation Department and made into a fine walking trail. The upper part of the bridge was rebuilt in the 1990s.

a restored service station with gas pumps
This old service station has been restored on East Street in Athens, AL

an old building with old fire escape
An old building in Fayetteville, Tennessee

Now I have lots of questions regarding this old building in Fayetteville, Tennessee. First off, how did the first floor get to be below street level? Second thing, what did that fire escape look like originally? Third question, that overhanging roof between the first and second floors - is it supposed to be level/straight, and if not, why not? Guess I need to do some research. And actually, that is the kind of thing that the right people know all about, if a fellow can find the right people.

a pretty old clock in a park
Corinth, Miisssippi is a great place to visit

Corinth, Mississippi is a very cool place and a great spot to visit for a day, or a weekend. There is lots of Civil War history there, along with lots of beautiful historic homes, and lots of friendly people. The city has an official Department of Tourism that will give a stranger plenty of good information.


Americana is not hidden, but is scattered among miscellaneous places and things that we see every day.

And remember that comments are welcomed here just below.


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