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Reflections of History

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Roaming the Southeast looking for reflections of history and American culture.


On July 4th I rode over to Sewanee, Tennessee- the home of the University of the South - to see how the good people there celebrate Independence Day.

Tables decorated with small American flags
A crowd of celebrants share an outdoors breakfast

Sewanee is between Fayetteville and Chattanooga, Tennessee, not far from Winchester.

stone marker with a sign for the University of the South
Along the highway entering Sewanee

At 8:00 A.M. they had a small ceremony to raise the American flag and sing patriotic songs. The school of music provided a brass quintet to play as the group (about 200 people) sang America and America the Beautiful and God Bless America as well as the Star Spangled Banner.

Bot Scouts raising the American Flag
A local troop of Boy Scouts raises the American flag

And yes that 8:00 A.M. did mean that I had to get up very early to make the almost 2 hours drive. And I must say, the group did a good job of singing - like it was not their first 4th of July at Sewanee.

five piece brass band playing
Brass quintet plays patriotic songs as the crowd sings

lady holding a dog
Lady and her dog waiting for the flag raising

students walking to class
Students walk to class on a beautiful campus

At Sewanee people often refer to the campus as the Domain

pretty building finished in stone
One of many beautiful buildings on campus

The buildings are finished in stone. I don't know how old most of the building are, but I did go into the library and while it was rock on the outside, it was very modern inside.

building with a banner outside
We share the responsibility for the well-being of one another and the Domain

coffee pot labeled Medium Roast and small flags
Coffee and Flags

Flags and coffee and breakfast were part of the flag raising ceremony. During the day they also had a dog show, a crafts show, and a cake contest and to highlight the day - a parade through town.

Husband and wife wearing patriotic hat
Mr. Bill Harper and his wife Knowles

She was sporting a festive hat.

historic marker showing the history of the University of the South
The school has a rich history

Here reflections of history tell how the school's history is entwined with the history of the southeast.

beautiful home finished in stone
The Vice Chancellor's home

The home of the Vice Chancellor - the head of the school.

Small flags and a table
Independence Day in Sewanee

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