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Mule Day Reflects American Culture.

Updated: May 20

A celebration of American farms and ranches - and mules.

Two cowboys talk about life at Mule Day in Columbis, TN
Cowboys, a mule, and the flag

Back in 1840 (yes before the Civil War) in Columbia, Tennessee the locals started holding a big livestock show and sale on the first Monday in April. The sale was called "Breeders Day". The event went on to become a Tennessee tradition and later became known as "Mule Day".

But after many years the tradition faded to the point that around 1950 it ended for some time. But in 1973 the Maury County Bridle and Saddle Club became an official non-profit organization and decided to bring back Mule Day,

Two mules during the mule pulling contest at Mule Day in Columbia, TN
A team of mules competing in the pulling contest

And so it was that in 1974 Mule Day was restarted as a two day event that included a mule pulling contest, a Queen's pageant, music, square dancing, a mule show and a big parade on Saturday.

Mule Day Reflects American Culture

So for 50 years now Mule Day has grown and become a huge week-long event attracting over 100,000 visitors. Most activities are held at Maury County Park in Columbia. The Saturday parade takes place in downtown Columbia.

A man riding a mule carries the US flag as a woman on a mule rides behind carrying the Tennessee state flag.
The United States flag and the Tennessee state flag always lead the parade.

People travel to Columbia from all over the nation, especially the south and midwest, to enjoy the fun.

Ben Tennison is a cowboy and a mule owner and the editor of Western Mule magazine.
Ben Tennison is the editor of Western Mule magazine, a sponsor of Mule Day.

Mr. Ben Tennison is the owner and editor of Western Mule magazine, one of the world's leading publications on mules, mule ranching/farming, mule breeding and everything about mules. Western Mule is one of the sponsors of Mule Day. Ben and his lovely wife, Neta, are regular attendees and can been found at the Western Mule tent. They are wonderful people and are always happy to say hello.

A man rides a mule at the Columbia, TN Mule Day festival.
Practice ride

There are lots of competitions in the four days of Mule Day. There are races and mule pulling contests and wagon pulling competitions and mule shows similar to a dog show.

Teams of mules are judged on how well they perform in pulling a wagon.
Wagon and mule competition

Teams of mules are judged on their performance in pulling a wagon and following the judges instructions.

Don King and his wife Delinda can be found selling all type of riding equipment and cowboy clothing and supplies.

And besides mules, horses are welcomed at Mule Day.

Many count the parade as the highlight of the event, and for sure it is something to see.

And back at Maury County park..

Mule Day happens every year in April. Mule Day is Americana, reflecting the culture and lifestyle of millions of Americans today, and reflecting a way of life that has been lived in America since America was born. I encourage everyone to get out and see Mule Day next year.

The American flag leads the Mule Day parade every year.
Cowboy and the American flag

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Apr 14

Rocky, super cool slice of Americana! Thank you for keeping real America alive by telling our many stories.

Take care, @hreedwork/

Apr 15
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Thank you Harvey !

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