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Isom's Orchard - A successful American farm and orchard

Updated: Oct 21, 2023


If a traveler leaves Athens, Alabama headed to Huntsville they will most likely go east on Hwy 72. A

couple of miles outside of town, there on the right, they will pass a local farm and business institution, Isom’s Orchard.

Isom’s Orchard has been a successful family business since 1957 and is well known all around north Alabama and southern Tennessee. In those early years they featured delicious home grown peaches, but over time have become known as a source for all kinds of fruits and vegetables. A driver can stop and shop, or if just passing by can look over and see rows of not only fruit trees, but rows of all kinds of fresh vegetables.

While I was there taking a few pictures I noticed a steady stream of customers coming and buying fresh produce of every kind. In fact I could not resist buying one of those large fresh cantaloupes, and have enjoyed it every morning since.

Isom’s Orchard is a local place that reflects America and American farms and orchards.

Sign for orchard
On AL Hwy 72 east

I won't try to display all the different items Isom's has for sell. But in addition to all that I have pictured above, I saw cantaloupes, water melons, squash, pumpkins, egg plants, okra, onions, and...well I just can't remember them all. So if you are in Limestone or Madison counties. or Lauderdale or Morgan County, or Giles County - or anywhere - check out Isom's Orchard.

An antique tractor
An old tractor displayed at the orchard, or maybe they still use it and that is where it was sitting that day...

America banner
Patriotism on display

And remember, comments and questions are welcomed below. #Isom's #orchard #tractor #pictureamericana #rockybaker #farm #apples #tomatoes

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Aug 11, 2023

Great family and great family business! Fantastic fruits and veggies ( many can be purchased individually for us single homes). Don’t forget the apple cider and apple cider slushies!!

Aug 18, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for your comments! Sorry I am so late to reply. I am still learning how to drive this new web site! Rocky

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